How To Find The Right Local Plumber In Tucson

Many times we are asked how we choose and recommend the right local Tucson plumber for every customer and one of the first things we say is that it just takes a little work.

Homeowners don’t need professional plumbers on a regular basis, but when emergency strikes, knowing the difference between a reputable company and a fly-by-night plumber can make or break your results. Sometimes the water issues are so sudden and horrifying, like a pipe burst or hidden leak, that you don’t even have time to research who you hire.

You just need someone to fix it NOW! Our quality recommendations for local plumbing services and how to find the right plumber for both common plumbing issues and the more difficult serious problems come from hours and hours of research so we can get you in touch with the right plumber quickly and efficiently.


So here are 5 things to look for when finding the right plumber:

  1. Doing the Right Research – You need to carefully research online reviews to find top rated Tucson plumbers for the job.
  2. Ask Around the Community – The best reviews come from word of mouth.
  3. Understand Licensing Regulations – In order to acquire an Arizona plumbers license requires passing 2 exams and 4 years of field experience.
  4. Ask for Proof of Insurance – General liability coverage for damages, injuries or lawsuits that result from accidents or mistakes while performing plumbing work.
  5. Ensure the Pricing is Fair – Some plumbers will provide a flat rate price can’t easily be divided into labor, materials and equipment costs. Every plumbing contractor has an hourly rate for jobs prices. If they are reluctant to provide that rate, send them on their to find the right plumber


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